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Just measure up the interior of your cot, crib, pram or moses basket, refer to your manufacturer or give us a call and we’ll help you with your dimensions.

What we need is the height, width and depth of mattress required. We also need the shape you need – if you have any shape other than a rectangle we will need 2 templates to work off so we can get the shape exactly right.

Please fill in the below form to check if we can make your custom mattress. Please note that all custom cot mattresses are priced at an additional £10 or more, depending on the size required. We will send you a quote for your required size.

Please note that for all rounded, curved or oval mattresses we will need 2 newspaper templates so we can make the mattress exactly to your requirements. If you prefer you may send us the templates straight away with your contact details and we will be in touch. Please send your templates to our admin office at:

Cot Mattress Factory,
c/o e-blueprint,
Room 3.6, 3rd Floor, Elevator Studios,
25 Parliament Street,
Liverpool, L8 5RN

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